Is Kirkland Signature a good brand?

Does Kirkland Signature make good products? We`ve analyzed customer feedback for of the products produced by Kirkland Signature and have determined that this brand has a product quality score of 87 which is Great.

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Product Quality Score (PQS) is a measure of product quality and is scored out of 100.A Product Quality Score of 87 means that 87% of the customer feedback was positive and (13%) of the customer feedback was negative. A PQS closer to 100 indicates that a product has few issues overall and is Wow/Great.
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Mar 21, 2023
Jelly beans?.Delicious
Mar 16, 2023
Great service.Great service and great product.
Mar 07, 2023
Not properly sealed.I have always enjoyed Jelly Bellys, and still do . I ordered the 4 pound container and when I opened the lid I found that the cardboard that is supposed to be used to seal the beans was only half sealed. I am eating the Jelly Bellys though. I love all of the flavors. Thank You for your time and have a good day.
Mar 02, 2023
Top off and safety seal broken..This item has a no return policy. Receive this product today unfortunately the top was off and the safety seal was broken.
Mar 01, 2023
Metallic taste.These are gross, have an overwhelming metallic taste that makes them almost chemically. I dont think these are legit. Tossing out so my family doesnt get sick eating them. Yuck, waste of money.
Feb 26, 2023
Stale.They were a little hard. Seemed old.
Feb 18, 2023
The flavor.To eat. We love them
Feb 15, 2023
The product does *NOT* match the image.If you are looking for the specific flavors I was (like cantaloupe) do NOT buy this product. It contains the new horrid tasting kriskpy cream donuts that are really quite jarring, and all in all was very disapointing. I created a ticket to attempt to have this product changed so it actually matches what you are recieving, low and behold. Same set up. This is a *do not* buy. I dont support companies that dont stay true to their word and keep listing up to date.
Feb 08, 2023
Really good!.Tastes great and a really good value.
Feb 01, 2023
The best jelly bean in the market..For the price, for the taste, it is the best jelly beans in the market. I just love the taste of these jelly beans and I will be keep buying them.
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