Our Products

Our Product Roadmap & Vision

The below represents the vision of our product and what we are building during our BETA phase

Explorer: eCommerce Consumer Insights Dashboard

All insights across all data sources in one easy to use dashboard.

Product Attribute Sentiments

Quickly view sentiments of the various product attributes related to your product and industry (ie. absorption, flavor etc.).  Topics are automatically extracted and you can specify ones that matter. Drill down to the brand and SKU level.

Business Metric Sentiments

Get insights via the sentiment of non product attributes, or business metrics such as the Buying Experience or Customer Service.

Competitor Benchmarking & Discovery

Somewhere in the world right now a brand is being launched with accelerated hypergrowth ready to eat your market share. Discover competitors you never even knew existed.

Channel Insights

See how your products are doing across all channels. Insights at the brand and SKU level and versus competitors

Brand & SKU level Insights

Drill down by brand and SKU across the various different data points like channel, star rating, and sentiment including data on competitors.

One Number Scores

We provide Scores like Trial vs Repeat Scores, Satisfaction Scores, Sentiment scores to easily benchmark and serve as a frame of reference for continued innovation, improvements and growth.

Reviews Categorization & Score by Business Metric

Easily view reviews, scores and sentiments in various views

Automated Feedback Monitoring

Get alerts for metrics such as low ratings, potential crisis or large detected changes in product attribute or business metric sentiment

Topic Clouds

Get high level word clouds based on key topics. A quick way to get a qualitative set of insights.


Select a date range and quickly see trends over that time period for your products at the brand and SKU level and versus competitors.

Advanced Filtering, Sorting & Advanced Search

Slice, dice, sort and search through data in any which way to best suit the objectives of your report

Data Sources

Derive insights from data across multiples sources, including Amazon, Marketplaces, Review providers, Mobile App Stores, eCommerce platforms and even custom data formats & APIs.