6 ways to cater to your audience and using customer Feedback for Value Proposition Part 2

Compartmentalize your target audience:

Identifying gaps is essential when it comes to content marketing. Customer feedback provides a perspective to understand the persona of your clients. If n attribute is a common topic for a larger audience, then try to appeal to their senses by incorporating their concerns when designing your content marketing strategy. You can achieve this by segmenting your audience into small groups. For example, segmentation by grouping customers reviewing or commenting on a particular product or service together. Segmentation by grouping concern about a certain feature of the product is also a way to go about it.

Consider these groups and find ways to write blogs that satisfy and target to answer the curiosity of the different groups. Perhaps one might find the demand to get an old feature back to the market. Help your customers understand the reasons why it can or cannot feature again. They might understand the organization’s perspective and remain loyal because you took the time and the effort to correspond to their fears and wants.

Marketing has evolved over time, and to have one solution that fits all your clients is no longer yielding results as it used to, especially if one has multiple services. Part of content marketing strategy is finding ways to approach all segments of your customers and pinpointing each of their concerns.

Accept Negative Feedback

Reaction and acceptance of negative feedback is critical. A negative review, though unsettling, can carry some truth in them. One must know to take good feedback as well as a bad one. Feedback is the only way forward- both the good and the bad.

It is imperative as also a good practice to find time to respond to all feedback.
Respectfully address the negative feedback in a cordial manner is a must. Each opinion must be valued as wining over a critic and converting them to a potential lead, indicates that your business gained a follower. Follow up on the promises with your production team and ensure that you address concerns even if they are raised by critics.

You can only understand your customers better by reviewing user-generated content. Find out for yourself what inspires your audience by considering customer feedback. To get the right response, you must ask the right questions. Listen to your customers and pick the points that are causing them pain and equally the ones that satisfy them. Develop a content marketing strategy that aims at addressing all negative concerns and improve on the positive points raised as well. Consider user-generated content for all your content marketing solutions.