About eCommerceInsights

eCommerce acceleration is on overdrive and grew by more than 40% in 2020. The eCommerce shift was already underway but Covid-19 served as an unexpected and major acceleration catalyst. The eCommerce landscape is rapidly evolving, along with consumer behavior and shopping patterns. Now, more than ever, brands and retailers need to be equipped with a completely new set of tools that provide actionable insights to better understand, navigate and conquer the new norm of retail and eCommerce.

eCommerceInsights was founded with the mission of providing these very powerful set of new tools to brands and eCommerce retailers. Our objective is to provide actional consumer insights with through an eCommerce lens via the power of online reviews and online opinions.

At it’s core, our platform leverages the billions of data points through eCommerce product reviews and online options coupled with award winning machine learning and AI to provide near real time actionable insights for brands and eCommerce retailers.

eCommerceInsights: Rapidly, accurately and affordably transforms eCommerce product reviews & online opinions into actionable insights about your brand, products and competitors both at the brand and SKU level.

Based in Silicon Valley, eCommerceInsights was incubated at one of the world leading and award winning AI Research Labs along with eCommerce veterans and formerly founded in 2022.

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